This article provides some color about Ron Lyle, the legendary Denver heavyweight, whose biography, Off The Ropes: The Ron Lyle Story, is now available from Hamilcar Publications.  This book is a revised edition, with a new foreword by Showtime boxing analyst and International Boxing Hall of Fame member, Al Bernstein.


Even though Ron Lyle passed away in 2011, and had his greatest run in the 1970’s, he is still discussed today as a fierce competitor and one One Bad Motherf*cker. See below for some select memories of Ron Lyle, and see here for a search of the latest tweets about Lyle.

I thought Lyle was all hype; never believed his record. But did I learn better

— George Foreman (@GeorgeForeman) July 10, 2018

Love having discussion with boxing fans–in the middle of one right now on most talented fighter who did NOT win a world title. some great names being brought up. I said Bernard Taylor–others include Howard Davis Jr, Oba Carr, Rocky Jaurez.

— Al Bernstein (@AlBernstein) July 8, 2018

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