Adonis Stevenson and The Mournful Past

Most fighters risk a grim future for the chance at a glittering present. For now, at least, Adonis Stevenson has lost everything—including his mournful past.–Carlos Acevedo



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Excerpt from THE HIT PARADE column by Carlos Acevedo on Adonis Stevenson:

“Of the notable fighters who have recently earned the tragic distinction of being casualties of their pitiless vocations— Magomed Abdusalamov, Prichard Colon, and Daniel Franco—only Stevenson was an established professional. In fact, Stevenson is the most accomplished prizefighter to sustain grievous injuries in the ring since Gerald McClellan in 1995. This was no out-of-shape ham-n-egger looking for pickup change; he was not suspended in one jurisdiction and practicing his trade sub-rosa in another; he was not on the skids, gambling with EKGs or testing the laxity of boxing commissions in hinterland states such as South Carolina or Arkansas. No, Adonis Stevenson was arguably the best light heavyweight in the world when he arrived at the Videotron Center in Quebec City to face Oleksandr Gyozdyk on December 1. This is where the outcome of Grovdsyk-Stevenson becomes all the more troubling: It was not a particularly savage contest. It was not Eubank-Watson II or Benn-McClellan. Nor was it a prolonged drubbing (Ruelas-Garcia, Chavez-Johnson, Jones-Scottland) under-officiated by a negligent referee. His tragic circumstances are a reminder not only of the risks fighters take when they step into the ring (at any level), but also of the merciless nature of a sport that consumes a majority of its practitioners. “

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